The Most Common Slot Machine Cheats

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slot cheat

Whether online or in a brick-and-mortar casino, slot machines are structured and self-contained gaming experiences that are not so easily exploited. Or are they? When gamers go looking for winning slot tips, cheats is among the most prevalent keywords. There must be something to it, right?




Programming the Machine

When you press the spin button, you’re taken to a running computer program, which is a lot like the program running inside a physical slot machine. The only way to exploit it is to gain access to it and change some component of it. It may seem farfetched, but most of the known slot machine cheats that have worked involved an inside job and altering the code.


Coin on a String

If you’re looking for more tips on slot games, coin on a string probably wasn’t what you had in mind, but it was known to work back in the old days. It doesn’t work any longer because the manufacturers have designed mechanisms to prevent it.


Top Bottom Joint

Top bottom joint is a famous slot cheat that used a metal tool inserted into the coin slot that would trigger the spin action. This was similar to coin on a string but was a lot more consistent and inconspicuous. Like coin on a string, this cheat no longer works because of modern coin slot design.


Coat Hanger

The coat hanger cheat seems like a crude form of the top bottom joint cheat, but the truth is it worked for a longer period. Even as the slot mechanisms became more complex, a skilled cheater could configure the coat hanger to get around the safety mechanism. It no longer works today because coin mechanisms are computerized.


Shaved Coins

In the earliest days of Atlantic City and Las Vegas, shaved coins worked because the coin mechanism required multiple components that didn’t communicate with each other. The machine would register the coin and start play, but since the coin wouldn’t fit into the storage area properly, it would simply fall out the coin return slot.


Fake Coins

Once the casino corrected the shaved coins exploit, cheaters began to use fake coins. It was more expensive for the cheater, but expense wasn’t an issue when you were playing free. Until computers, fake coins were very difficult to guard against.


Monkey Paw

A monkey paw was specialized device that could be inserted into the machine in order to activate the coin counter. Using a monkey paw allowed the cheater to start a game with no coins at all, and once he/she had activated the mechanism, it would pay out at max coins.


Light Wand

Most of the cheats above were eventually prevented by using computer boards, but that wasn’t the end of the trouble. The first computer boards were very basic, and their sensors could be affected by intense sources of light. Using a light wand, a cheater could activate a machine to pay out without even spinning it.



The best way to get ahead as slots player isn’t to choose the games you can cheat but rather to choose machines that are fair and have a high RTP. Try your luck here to start playing some games like that.

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How To Play Poker Like The Pros

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Poker Pro

Poker is a complicated game; it takes time and practice to master the concepts needed to beat the game. Fortunately, online poker rooms offer low limit games where people can learn how to play poker without spending large amounts of money.

If you are working on beating the game, then try implementing these professional poker tips:


Play Tighter

Most new poker players play an exorbitant amount of hands. What they don’t realize is that playing strong hands preflop makes the game easier. It can be tempting to gamble and play a lot of hands; in the long run, this strategy is usually not successful. See the Difference Between Texas Hold ‘Em and Pot Limit Omaha

Be careful about the hands you play preflop; bad starting hands play poorly. If you only play premium hands, then you have an advantage over your opponents. Find a good starting hand chart; base you play off of the recommended starting hands.


Be Aggressive

When you tighten your pre-flop range, it is important to play your hands aggressively. When you raise pre-flop and bet the flop, you put a lot of pressure on your opponents. This pressure causes them to make bad decisions and lose their chips.

Players that play too many hands lose a lot of money to tight and aggressive players. It is important to take the initiative in every hand you play; if you can’t raise a hand, then it is unlikely that you should be calling with it.



Eight-year poker pro Alex Fisher. She told reporters, ” I know how to take and interfere with the card. I know what to bet, check, call, raise, fold and bluff .

Eight-year poker pro Alex Fisher. She told reporters, ” I know how to take and interfere with the card. I know what to bet, check, call, raise, fold and bluff .”




Don’t Call Off  Your Stack

New poker players tend to make calls when they know they are beat; this terrible habit can cost you a lot of money in the long-run. If you find yourself looking up opponents when you are sure you are beat, then you need to break this habit.

It is important to trust your gut; if you think your hand is losing, then it is likely that it is. As your game progresses, you will be able to put your opponents on hand ranges. Use these ranges to figure out if you should be calling your opponents bet.

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Bankroll Management

There is a lot of variance in poker; the best hand doesn’t always win. It is important to have an adequate bankroll that can handle bad beats. The more you risk per buyin, the more likely it is that you will go broke after a couple of bad beats.

Keep a bankroll of 20 buy-ins at the level that you are paying. If you are playing five dollar buyin no limit games, then you need to have at least 100 dollars. If you lose half your bankroll, then it is important to reevaluate your game and playing style.


Practice Online

Playing poker online is faster and cheaper than playing live. Online, people have the opportunity to play many hands; these hands add up to a lot of experience. Once you are experienced, you can figure out what your opponents are doing; you can exploit these tendencies to make more money. When you play online, you have a big advantage over players who only play live games. This > online Malaysian Poker Site is a great place to start sharpening your poker skills.

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4 Things To Consider Before Signing Up With An Online Sportsbook

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When looking to bet on sports, many try to find a local bookie to get started. Others head to Las Vegas and find a casino. Oftentimes, these are not practical solutions for a sports fan. Luckily, a person can, without leaving his or her house, bet on sports. Now, one can bet on a football, baseball or basketball game with their computer, tablet or smartphone. Of course, when going to a gambling website, a sports fan should ask a few questions. In fact, when looking at these four things, one can find the best gambling website for their sports betting needs.



When two teams play, the casinos will set the line. For example, when the Pittsburgh Steelers play the San Diego Chargers, the casino will decide which team they expect to win. Sometimes it is not simple as a casino will not offer favorable odds. For this reason, when looking for a sports betting website, one should make sure that they offer the same lines as Las Vegas.



When going to a website and offering financial details, many fear they their information will be compromised. Unfortunately, this is a serious problem and a person should heed some caution should they want to protect their information. Ideally, before signing up for a gambling website, one should make sure that the casino offers a secure gambling experience for visitors. For starters, the website should use multiple layers of security; furthermore, a business should use SSL when a consumer logs in or sends in money. Remember, plenty of hackers want to steal information, and a client must choose a business that protects their credit card and personal information. Random shopping link of the day: Yun Nam Hair Care Malaysia.


Betasia provides fast and secure payment gateway that allow gamblers enjoy betting with worries-free

Betasia provides fast and secure payment gateway that allow gamblers enjoy betting with worries-free




Often, a person looking to gamble will choose a casino website that is difficult to use. Fortunately, if a customer will go to, he or she will find a reliable site that is easy to browse. For starters, one can bet on all their favorite sports without the need to head to another website to find better odds. Furthermore, with solid and well-trained employees, a customer will not experience problems when making bets. Without a debt, one should bet online here if they want to establish a solid relationship with an online casino. is now open for everyone to bet on English Premier League is now open for everyone to bet on English Premier League




Finally, one should find a website that does not go offline. Often, a person who loves to gamble will choose a seemingly great company only to realize that the website is unreliable. To find a reliable company, one should do a quick Google search and read the reviews of casinos. However, to avoid problems, one should visit BetAsia sportsbooks as they offer a reliable website that will never leave a customer lost.

When keeping these four things in mind, one can have a better experience gambling on the Internet. Remember, there is a lot of competition and a customer will avoid choosing an unreliable company should he or she follow these four tips.


Casino Review 2013




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Online Slot Tournaments Could Offer Endless Fun And Rewards

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Online slot tournaments can be an exciting adventure for people who love the feel of the classic casino, but choose to play games from the comfort of their own homes. Online slot tournaments are competitions between online players who enjoy playing online slot machines. Players love these competitions because they give them a chance to compete against other slot players for the title of the quickest and most profitable spinner. The person who ends up winning the most money after the tournament is dubbed the winner, and this person receives a cash prize and recognition. The following is information about online slot tournaments and how a beginner can get started participating in such.


Playing Online Slots for Fun

The first step an interested party must make is playing online slots for fun. Playing practice games will give the person a chance to test various online machines and observe how the process works. Slot playing has a lot to do with the luck of the draw. Whether or not a person wins depends mostly on the arrangement of the pictures or icons on the machine. However, one can still use strategy and calculations to make guesses that may improve his or her chances of winning.


This is the popular Pirate Themed Slot Game that available to play online. Try your luck and hit the spin button.

How to Play Online Slots

A person can learn how to play online slots in approximately three minutes. No elaborate rulebook or guide is available for these games. The only requirements for slots are that the person place a bet and pull a virtual lever to “spin”. The outcome of the icon arrangement determines whether the person wins a prize or loses money. Signing up with various online casinos and taking some test spins will give a beginner an idea of how much money her or she would win or lose if the game were real. Random advertiser on the web: Shakura 


Perfecting One’s Slot Play

The best tip for winning at online slots is to carefully observe each outcome and a take a mental note of the odds. One should always bet in such a manner that the he or she increases the chances for a win. For example, betting on more than one line can increase a person’s win potential. Wide bets like this are best when the player has a full stash of money on reserve. As the game progresses and the player has less money, he or she should bet more carefully as to preserve the betting stash.


Participating in Online Slot Tournaments

After a person has gained knowledge of slot machine processes by continuing to play online slots for fun, he or she can choose to play for money. A multitude of online casinos offer slot tournaments. Some of these casinos offer slot games bonus to new members. The best way to find the most beneficial casino is by conducting an online search. A new slot tournament player should select a casino that offers the largest bonus and the most information. In most cases, the registration process is brief and the fun is endless. Online slot machines are the most popular games for online players today.



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Online Casinos are the Future of Gambling

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One of the most entertaining activities anybody can take part in is spending some time in a casino, but it is not always practical or easy to take a trip to another area to visit a casino. Instead the popularity of the casino online is growing as people want to replicate the feeling of attending a casino in the comfort of their own home. The growth of online casino’s has accelerated recently as people enjoy taking part in casino games, such as poker and roulette at all times of the day and night.
It is important to find a safe, reliable online casino where you can gain easy access to winnings and make deposits with little waiting time for funds to clear. One of the best and safest casinos is offered by who have the backing of three of Asia’s biggest gambling brands to ensure cash is always available to pay members winnings. Coupled with an impressive sportsbook, which gives members the best odds available from 855Bet, AFB88 and WinningFT and the decision to choose 9crown becomes a little easier.


Online casinos are offered by most websites offering a sportsbook to provide entertainment for members at any time they wish. People who are looking for bets on some of the world’s biggest sports cannot always find an event to place a bet on when they wish; at these times it is time to turn to a casino online. Technological advances have improved the feel of Internet based casino’s to replicate in many ways the environment of a physical casino. Many of the world’s best online casino’s now offer players the chance to interact with live dealers through high speed video and audio links. Casino games, such as roulette and poker are often offered with live dealers who are trained and experienced in the game they are administering; bets are usually placed on the computer screen and replicated on the table by the dealer before the camera zooms in on the table for the result. With online slots readily available for players of all experiences betting online has never offered so many options.

Get The 10 Best Poker Game Advice From The Professionals

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Responsible Online Gambling

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With the presence of the Internet, it has never been easier for gamblers to have access to the games that they love so much. There is no need to go to a casino or meet up with people to play poker; even a trip to the corner store for a lottery ticket is rendered rather unnecessary, though many individuals still keep that up out of habit. Still, if you are a gambler, you have everything you need to feed your addiction as long as you have a computer with an Internet connection.

The smart thing to do is to gamble online with fake money. There are some sites that allow this. Some of them do require periodic fees, while others are free. It’s a way to play online games just for the fun of it without involving cash (read more about What Are Casino Side Games?). Unfortunately, this turns out to be rather dull for many people who love to gamble. Their enjoyment is directly connected with the thrill of knowing they could lose a significant amount of money. If this applies to you, then you are treading dangerous territory in venturing into the world of online gambling, but you can take measures to protect yourself.

One way is to get a credit card with a low limit and use that for your online gambling so that you are unable to gamble more than a certain amount. Even better, put some cash into a designated account every month and use the debit card. When that money is gone, it’s gone, and discipline yourself not to put any more money into the account until the month is over. Limiting the amount of money that you spend is an important way of keeping yourself from getting too in the hole.

Another way is by keeping track of the time you spend gambling. You should set a timer and when the allotted amount of time is up, you should stop playing. It’s a good idea to have an accountability partner who will check in on you now and then, either by physically coming in the room or calling you on the phone. Hence, a spouse is a good choice, but a trusted friend can be too. You just need someone who does not have the same gambling urges you do to keep you from doing something nonsensical. As long as you keep it just a hobby, online gambling can be fun.


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Online Gambling: Finding a Trustworthy Site

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If you are looking for a fun and exciting experience, then you should check out online gambling. Millions of people all over the world enjoy playing casino style games from the comfort of their home or office. All it takes is a computer and the desire to play.

The most important thing you have to do is find out what type of online site you should choose. Most online sites offer different game varieties. This means that it is important to pick a site that will have the particular game you are interested in playing. If you want to place sports bets, then you will have to pick a site that handles that particular area of gambling. sports betting sports betting

It is also important to pick a site that has a good reputation. In the online gambling world it is crucial to have a good reputation. Some sites are not considered safe. The biggest problem with bad sites is that your money will not be safe. For this reason, most people want a company that is well established and has earned a good reputation.

One more thing to take into consideration is sports betting. If you take a look at a lot of the online gambling sites, you will notice that not all of them have sports betting as an option. This is a huge drawback. You want to choose a site that allows you to both play casino games and also bet on sports.

9Crown Online Casino

9Crown Online Casino

A very popular site is IBCBet Malaysia. If you are looking for a good variety of online betting options, then this is the site to pick. They offer a whole variety of sports betting and are one of the most popular online casino agents in the world. Take a look at what they have to offer and then decide for yourself.

Next bet step: Tips on Preparing for a Poker Tournament

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Learn How to Bet on Sports

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If you like bet on sports, you should learn how to increase your chances of success. Many betting systems exist and finding the right one is paramount to winning. You can choose to go the traditional route, or you can decide that betting online is more appropriate. For gambling activities such as betting on sports, you can find the betting soccer has to offer great for people that love it, while other types of gambling include football betting and even lesser known games. The sports betting you do will depend on your interests and the amount of money you want to win.

Some people can win big if they know how to properly bet on games, and this can allow you to win even more in the long run as you increase your bankroll. The main tactics to use include learning the inside secrets used by professionals while understanding how they implement them. Of the tactics they use one of the most important ones is gathering information on teams they choose to bet on and learning the overall odds of them winning. It takes time and practice to understand the nuances involved in sports, but once you do you can greatly increase you winning percentage.

Other ways they win more then the average player include assessing how past match ups take place and learning the current state of the team. Knowing how the teams they bet on perform is critical to their success and largely determines the outcome of many games. Some people even go so far as to contact people close to the teams they bet on to learn more about their current playing tactics. Every person’s situation will be different and you should assess your existing circumstance to determine the best way to make money in the long run.

The outcome of many games can be determined by simple intuition in many cases, and people who have been doing this for a long time understand the nuances involved in gambling. You can learn more by researching the past performance of the teams you are going to bet on and by doing a simple search on the way others bet. Understanding the game takes time, but with practice you will become more proficient at the small details that really add up. Every game will be different and you should always carefully assess each situation before deciding to put down any money. Online Gambling Addiction: How Is It Different From Other Addictions

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The Best Odds and Casino Games at BetAsia

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Whether you are looking for the best sportsbook available in Asia or one of the largest catalog’s of casino games online, is the place to visit for the best odds and best games offered by Asian bookmakers. Members of BetAsia have access to three of Asia’s top sportsbooks and two of the best online casinos available not only in Asia, but in the world. By partnering with established large gaming companies, BetAsia gives its members safe and secure deposit and withdrawal options that ensure funds are readily available when a withdrawal is requested by a member.

BetAsia Football Betting Site

BetAsia Football Betting Site

The link between and IBCBet, SBOBet and WinningFT, provides members with the best odds available on sportsbooks across Asia; instead of joining a large number of sportsbooks and looking through them for the best odds on a sporting event, BetAsia gives its members choices of the best odds from its partners. Whether a member is interested in soccer betting or looking for different sports to bet on there is always a bet online that will interest a member. The growth of online sportsbooks shows that most people around the world are wanting to add interest to the events they are watching on TV or over the internet by placing a bet on the outcome. With one of the world’s largest sportsbooks available at sports including Formula 1, cricket, tennis and rugby are available for bets alongside the ever popular betting sport of soccer. Sports Bet Goodies Just For You: Horse Racing – 5 Helpful Tips That Will Help You Win

With a large number of casino games online offered by BetAsia, including online video slots and live casino games offered over two casino sites, members of the website have round-the-clock options for gaming. Live casino games are now some of the most popular on the internet as players want the closest possible experience to attending a physical casino. Through Macao Star and Key Win, BetAsia members have the option of interacting with live dealers to play roulette and Sic Bo amongst other games with live high-speed video links enabling members to view the game as it is played.

9Crown is also another reputable online casino site which offering both sports bet and all the casino games

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Online Betting and Gambling

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The Benefits of Online Gambling 
Online gambling has been increasingly popular over the last decade. There are many pluses to online gambling, including the ability to avoid going to a dark and dangerous casino altogether. Luckily the internet has created an atmosphere in which people are able to bet online without having to worry about the hassle of going to an off-track or place to bet elsewhere. While it does have its benefits, there are some hurdles that still need to be surpassed within the United States, specifically in the legal realm where many states still have gambling laws that outlaw online gambling altogether. Online gambling has its pros and cons but ultimately it is up to legislation and citizens whether or not the gambling will continue to be accepted across the United States.

Benefits of Gambling Online 
Online gambling is extremely beneficial to online users. Perhaps one of the most beneficial aspects of online gambling is the added amount of fun and income that can be added to a person’s life. While gambling does not insure winning, a person increases their chances of making money by simply gambling, with a risk of course. Gambling online is all about risking money for a hopeful reward that will land a person with even more money. The other perks that come with gambling online are the simple avoiding of real life facilities that offer gambling via Casinos. Casinos are not always safe and place people in an environment with all walks of life, good or bad. By gambling online a person can maintain their own privacy without going out to place bets elsewhere. Gambling online means that people have more freedom as they place their wagers and bets and simply need themselves and a computer. This form of betting is also more conducive to gamblers using credit and debit cards in order to place their bets

The Negatives of Gambling Online 
The lack of ability to gamble in certain states and areas is one of the major cons to gambling online. There is a limited about of websites and services that actually offer online gambling, causing a huge problem within the gambling community. In order to overcome this issue there has been a great deal of legislation and lobbying by gamblers to bring back gambling as a legal form of entertaining and spending money. Whether or not online casino games, sports betting, and websites such as will continue to exist is in the hands of gamblers world wide.


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